Finding Cell Phone Case for HTC One M8

HTC One M8 is one of the most beautiful, elegant and powerful smartphone in the market and those who owns it will like to protect it from the regular wear and tear. And, for this to happen we buy phone cases and covers. But, in market there are so many types of phone cases available for HTC One M8 and one gets confused as which is the right one for them and for their HTC One M8.
In order to find out which is the right phone case for your M8, first you have to find out your smartphone case type personality.
1) Fashionista type:
If you like to flaunt your HTC One M8 in public or if you want to have a matching case cover with your T-shirt, belts, bags, purses, etc. then you are a fashionists type. HTC One M8 has the looks to be flaunted and if you like that then Incipio smartphone cases are for you. It provides protection from regular wear and tear and also comes with transparent model so that you can flaunt your HTC One M8 in its full glory without compromising with the protection. If you are interested in colorful and matching type of phone cases, then Incipio has you covered, it has a wide range of colors to select from which will look stunningly beautiful on our HTC One M8.
2) Accident Type:
If you have a habit of keeping your phone on the edge and by your past usage of smartphone you know that you are a rough user then you fall in the accident type category. This is the category which has the largest collection of phone cases. HTC One M8 has a stunningly beautiful screen and if somehow by accident its screen gets broken, then fixing that will put a hole in your pocket. To avoid this you should go for flip covers which will protect your phone from all sides especially your screen. Hen we talk about flip covers, HTC One M8 official flip cover ‘The Dot View Case’ is a very good choice. It is sturdy, have very good functioning, and looks beautiful. Its ability to display and let you use the most basic features of M8 without exposing your display provides a great level of protection to your screen.
If you are looking for more toughness then you should also consider the Urban Armor’s Composite Hybrid case for M8, there is no second opinion in the fact that it is a top notch product that can handle extreme rough usage and protects your M8 from it. Protection combined with stunning looks makes it a much need phone case for you. The Otterbox symmetry series also offers very good rugged armor for your M8, but the design is a little bulky. The Spigen Slim Armor is another to consider for rough usage, it is both sleek and strong and provides a great level of protection.

3) The Multitasker:
It is a subcategory of flip cover cases. Many people like to keep their debit cards, credit cards, Id card, etc with their phone case cover, if you are of this type then for M8 also such cases are there. The Seidio Ledger Flip Case is one of the best wallet-like case cover in the market that you can find. It provides a slot for your ID card and credit card. It has a magnetic cover for protection and kickstand so that you can watch movies in comfort. Its material and design is very good looking yet very tough and resourceful.
Wrap up:
Each f these above categories have cases for M8 that you can fit in your budget and make your HTC One M8’s life long lasting.


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